Social Marketing Is Vital For SEO

The Secret Sauce For Boosting Your SEO

The ability for internet marketers to influence outcomes is what the social media is all about. Social marketing is relevant for any business with a website, for one simple reason. If people are not talking about you, or if prospects are not talking to you, it makes your online presence irrelevant.

At the end of the day, people need to see the face behind the business. We like to do business with somebody we know. We want to use brands that other people are using. it is in our nature to be social, and when we are part of a brand, well, that validates our choice of consumer goods, doesn’t it?

Social Marketing And No Follow Links

Some webmasters may say that social media links are No Follow links and they would be right. But that does not lessen the importance of social media links. Google and Bing has stated that social media links are one of the signals they use in determining the popularity and relevance of your website. This would suggest that you had better be involved in social marketing.

It boils down to this: a link to your website still counts as a link. I am not all that convinced that No Follow links are 100% no follow. It stands to reason that all links are followed in one way or another. And what about the human visitors? As long as there is a link to your website, you have a shot at getting them to your website. At the end of the day, getting traffic to your website is the objective.

How to Improve Your Social Authority

But along with backlinking, we know how important “authority” in social media has become to Google. So, it’s critical for you to come up with a plan for creating a social presence for your brand and then, maintaining that regularly over time. – StomperNet

5 Tips On Improving Your Social Presence

1. Do Keyword Research
Keyword research is absolutely essential for any kind of success on the internet. It is how people find you. Keyword research is more than just knowing what keywords best describe your business. It goes into detail on the keywords and related keywords, as well as the keyword phrases that people type into the search engines when looking for information. These are measure against the number of searches conducted in any given location, in any given month.

2. Make Your Content Sharable
We like to share interesting and relevant content on the internet. If people see something they like, it is naturally for them to want to share with their friends. So, by making it easy for users to share your free content, use social plug-ins that enable people to post your content to social sites like Twitter or Facebook. Sharing is Caring!

3. Check Your Website Load Time
One of the signals Google use to determine your search engine rankings is how fast your webpage loads. The same goes for visitors to your website, no one wants to be kept waiting, not when there are so many alternatives available.

4. Add Some Detail To Your Social Profiles
Not everybody does this, but if you are a business, you should make full use of every opportunity to tell people about your business and what you do. This is where you put your 20 second elevator pitch. Tell people what you do in one or two sentences, use a photo of you or your business.

5. Track Everything You Do
All businesses run on metrics, it is how you determine what works and what does not. You do not have to track everything, but at the least, you should be tracking the metrics that matter to you.

Factors That Influences Your Search Results

As defined by StomperNet, here are some factors that have been identified as having a significant impact on search:

  • The number of Twitter followers you have, the quality of your followers, and the relevance of your followers to your industry. The retweets you receive as opposed to how much you tweet is also important.
  • The number of Facebook fans for your company’s page and the number of comments on the page.
  • The number of views on YouTube videos, how many comments you have, and the ratio of how many times your videos have been liked when compared to opposed to disliked.
  • The number of social mentions you have overall on any social sites around the Web.

If you have not started on social marketing for your business, it is time to start now. Over time, your social presence will increase and this will reflect in your website traffic.


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