A Website Helps Your Business Get More Sales

A Website Helps Your Business Get More Sales

Does Your Business Need A Website?

One of the rules in marketing is to go where the market is. Find out where they are spending their time and spread your advertising there. For the most part, I am guessing that for many businesses, their prospective customers can be found online.

The Question Is….
It isn’t a question of “Does your business need a website?”, the question is “Why doesn’t your business have a website?”

  • Almost everyone is connected to the internet, whether it is through their smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • People are connected to the internet at work, during their lunch hours and when they go off work.
  • Throughout the day, their friends will be sharing updates with them.
  • The internet has connected people like never before.

Your Customers Expect You To Have A Website

Have your customers ever asked you if you have a website? A website makes it easy for your customers and prospects to see your products and services. When your customer walks into your showroom or office, there are always distractions and this is normal. There is always something that needs to be discussed.

This is where your company website can help your business get more sales. Your customer or prospect can look at your website and see what services they need, when they have a quiet moment. In my previous company, we always researched the products or services and look at reviews before we even talk to the business.

If you are a business, you need to put your products and services on the internet. People are searching for your products or brand. Even if you are not the brand owner, how much business do you think you can do if people search for the brand and ended up on your website?

I can tell you right now that businesses with a website can increase their sales by 5 or 6 figures in a year. I have clients that increase their business by 5 figures in a month. That is what a website can do for your business.

How Much Does A Website Cost?

It is probably less than what you might expect and out-sourcing a website is a one time payment. After that, you need to pay for the domain name and web hosting on a yearly basis. It costs less than a print advertisement and it works for you 24/7, 365 days of the year.

When you are ready to create your website, contact me and we can meet up to discuss what you need.

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