Online Marketing Channel

Online Marketing Channel

This is a presentation of using your company website as an Online Marketing Channel. Your website can be used as an effective advertising and communication channel to connect with your prospects.


Company Website
Your website introduces your company, brand, products and services to your prospects. It allows you to keep in touch with your existing customers by using your website as a company newsletter. You can place your company news, new product launches, events and activities, as well as your promotions on your website.

Corporate blogging is also an effective communication channel to potential investors, business partners and potential clients. Corporate blogging gives your target audience an insight into how your company works, and to see if it will be a good strategic or operational fit.

Search Engines
No matter where your company is located, it is essential that you rank well on the search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. A large number of potential customers are already on the internet, and you need to go where your customers are.

It has been my experience that a lot of large companies start their search for vendors and suppliers on the internet. I have worked with companies that did over RM100 million in annual sales, and that is how it is.

Social Media
On the more popular social media sites, there are close to 500 million members or more. Everyone, from large businesses to small businesses have a presence on social media websites. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are all mainstrem media channels now.

If you do not have an internet presence, you are missing out on a competitive advantage.

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