Tadika Sabah Website

Tadika Sabah Website

Having a business website can increase awareness of your products and services

In this case study, I will show you how a business website can help your business connect to your prospects.

The primary objective of this website is to connect with potential clients on the internet, and to act as a communication channel to the parents of this kindergarten.

Prior to this, Tadika Sri Kandi had no internet presence, but the owner could see the potential of having a website. The owner contacted me and we discussed how a website can create awareness for your business. We wanted to keep it simple, while at the same time to get results from the website.

All projects start with keyword research. We have to identify what are the keywords that are used in this particular industry. We look at the number of searches per month, and collected the keywords that were relevant.

Search Engine
Then we look at the number of websites for these keywords in our local search engine results, looking at the placement of existing websites, pagerank, links and so forth. This lets me know what I have to do to ensure my client’s website will rank well for local search.

Domain Name
Once we know the keywords and search engine competition, I will come up with a list of domain names that includes the company name, or a generic name, or a combination. In this case, I could not use their business name, Tadika Sri Kandi. They managed a few kindergartens in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, including Tadika Permai Ria.

So I proposed the domain, www.tadikasabah.com, which will give us a head-start as this is the equivalent of Kindergarten Sabah. in one move, we commanded the keyword for tadika in Sabah.

Search Engine Optimization
Creating the contents using our list of keywords, as well as the company name made sure we ranked in the first position of the search engines. With the addition of videos, articles and social marketing we had a strong start.

The Launch Of The Website

We launched their website during their annual concert and graduation ceremony, with the Minister of Industry, Plantation and Commodity, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok in attendance. As well as representatives of the Education department and the Kindergarten Association.

After The Launch

After the launch, we followed up with the kindergarten’s Facebook Page. This enabled us to connect to friends, families and parents of the students of Tadika Sri Kandi. This gives us an additional channel to promote the kindergarten and to let people know the type of activities in the school. It also allows prospects to connect with the teachers personally.

As you know, if your business can build connections with your prospects and existing customers, you have a strong competitive advantage. Facebook provides an easy communication channel that is interactive, and lets you incorporate other social media sites together. Used properly, this is a very powerful marketing tool.

The Results

1) We can see that the website, www.tadikasabah.com has regular monthly traffic.
2) We can see that registration forms are downloaded from the website.
3) We have had friends on Facebook register their child into the kindergarten.
4) We have had potential teachers approach the school to offer their services.

So my client is pleased with the results. A website gives a kindergarten prestige and adds to their business branding. They now have advertising and communication channels that work for them through word of mouth.

The Return On Investment

The addition of a few new customers may not sound like much, but when you start calculating the lifetime value of the customers, that adds up to more than 5,000 dollars a year per new customer. Acquisition cost per customer is virtually nil.

Contact Me to find out how a website can help your business.


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