Website: Know What You Are Buying

Website: Know What You Are Buying

Understand What You Are Buying When You Order A Website

To most users, a website is a website. They don’t care that it is built using WordPress, HTML5 or any other platform. The same goes for most business owners. All they care about is that it represents their business and that it functions well.

In the first meeting, a website provider like myself will typically take the prospect through the types of website that are available. We would look at the type of website that will be suitable to what the business owner has in mind. We will tell them what can be done, and what else that can be done but will require additional time and expenses.

We give them the pros and cons of publishing a website with WordPress, using templates and a short summary of why we do so.

What You Get When You Order From Me

  • A website built using WordPress
  • Premium template with minor customization
  • Website content relevant to your industry
  • A search engine optimized website

What You Need To Prepare

  • Information about your industry and your specialization
  • Information about your market and market segment
  • Information about your company and processes
  • Marketing materials such as brochures, photos and videos
  • Digital copy of your company logo, brand logo
  • Any other information you would like to put on the website

What You Get When You Order A Website

You get a modern, fully functioning website that reflects your company, brand or services. It will do well for local search on the search engines, and it will be built to standards. You get minor customization done, such as functionality and color.

Whenever you order a website, find out how the website will be built. I am often surprised that website providers still offer HTML websites that looks dated. There is nothing wrong with a HTML website, just know that HTML designs should be built using the latest templates. On occasions, I have revamp a client’s website from HTML style to WordPress. There are a few reasons for this and looks are part of it.

The Pros of Using WordPress

  • WordPress comes with a database which in turn means more functionality
  • The client can update his own website without any graphics or FTP software
  • WordPress is search engine friendly
  • There are literally thousands of templates you can change to
  • WordPress is the one of the most popular platform today
  • WordPress is constantly updated
  • Increase functionality with add-on software (plugins)

The Cons of Using WordPress

  • Templates are great but you cannot change the layout easily
  • You have to update the software for security and functionality
  • The template has to function with the latest WordPress version

The best thing about WordPress is that it is user-friendly or at least more user-friendly to most people. It is possible to create your own website, the software is free. But like everything in life, there is a learning curve and you have to have an affinity to do this.

What You Do Not Get When You Order A Website

You do not get website development with my standard package. Website design is often a complicated process that requires support after the website has been handed over to the client. Since most client’s typically do not want to be tied into a long term contract, development is not really suitable for them.

You do not get your own unique website design. It takes time and money to build a custom website, and most will not opt for this.

You have to pay for additional graphics work, such as creating your logo if you do not have a digital copy or putting together a video for your products.

What I Do For Clients
I help clients publish their website on the internet in the shortest possible time-frame. The information and articles on the website is specific to the business owner. In some cases, this requires understanding of the industry or marketing practices. Plus you get a business website delivered on-time.

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