WPHeadline Plugin For WordPress Websites

WPHeadline Plugin Creates Headlines For Your WordPress Websites

It is not everyday that you come across a WordPress plugin that delivers for such a low price. The WPHeadline plugin is a WSO from the Warrior Forum. WSO stands for Warrior Special Offer, a much abused source of questionable products from marketers. Still, it is a good place to pick up marketing tips and products, but like everything in life, you need to evaluate what you get.

I am in the business of providing websites for clients using WordPress, so it makes sense that I have a small collection of themes and plugins that I use on a regular basis. When you are creating websites for clients, graphics play a big role on the website. Opening a website is like opening a magazine, you see beautiful photographs and headlines that capture your attention. Creating visually attractive headlines is what this plugin does.

What WPHeadline Plugin Does For Your WordPress Sites

WPHeadline wordpress plugin for creating headlines

Normally when you want to put a fancy headline on your wordpress site, you need to use a graphics program like photoshop or paint.net. You will also need fonts add-on or other add-ons to create attractive looking headlines. Save that as a jpg or png file and then load that image on your website. The process is straight forward but it is very time-consuming unless you are a graphic designer or you are familiar with photoshop.

Another option is to pay someone else to do it for you. Either way, it will cost you time or money. There are times when you just need to create headlines on the fly. This is where this plugin comes in.

Firstly, it allows you to create headlines on the fly while you are in your wordpress dashboard. Secondly, it comes with killer graphics that you can use as you create your post. This is just about the easiest way to create headlines. It just does not get easier than this. Anyone who uses wordpress can install and use this plugin.

WPHeadline Plugin Price Is Going Up As We Speak

The WPHeadline plugin was launched as a dime-sale, so the price is going up as we speak. I bought my copy at $10 and the price has just gone past $13. Even so, this is a very low price for a plugin that can do what it does. I am sure you have seen plugins that costs $97 and above. So I definitely recommend this plugin.

You can see the type of headlines you can create with this. Pretty neat, huh? If you like what you see, you can pick up the WPHeadline plugin here.

WPHeadline plugin headlines created by the plugin